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-wheel lugbolt torque: 120Nm, 89ftlb
-coil pack bolt torque: 10Nm
-spark plug torque: 30Nm
-remote battery type: Lithium CR1620 (1.5v)

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Website and Car Log
DateWeb UpdateA4 Update
07.22.2012-pass rear wheel bearing replaced with B90
10.12.2010site html up-
10.10.2010-new battery Die Hard Gold, plugs replaced
06.20.2010site down-
05.05.2010-summer tires swapped on, full brake bleed, fluid: xxx, plugs replaced, oil change
12.19.2009-snow tires swapped on, wiper blades replaced
09.20.2009-new: timing belt kit, all belts, water pump, thermostat, acc tensioner, ac tensioner, bpv vac line replaced, plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.28" gap
oil change M1 5w-40 DTSUV + large Mann filter
123,6xx miles
04.26.2009-left rear wheel bearing replaced, rear license plate bulbs replaced,
summer wheels installed
03.21.2009-right rear wheel bearing replaced
03.16.2009AudiWorld is Killed by Internet Brands
03.14.2009-front left axle replaced with Raxle
03.08.2009-oil change Rotella T 5w-40, rear diff fluid change M1 75w-90 Gl-5
11.01.2008-snow tires swapped on
06.09.2008-APR cat back exhaust installed
05.20.2008-new plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.028" gap
111,xxx miles
03.20.2008-oil change M1 5w-40 DTSUV + large Mann filter
110,xxx miles
10.20.2007-modded intake pipe: reflective tape on underside, sealed seams
09.01.2007-oil change M1 5w-40 DTSUV + large Mann filter,
new plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.032" gap
104,xxx miles
07.17.2007Added Fan Override Mod Writeup-
07.15.2007-front control arms re-greased, summer tires installed
07.11.2007-installed Eurospec 3.5bar FPR
fuel trims:-0.6%,-6.3%
102,789 miles
05.31.2007-installed OEM exhaust tips
04.27.2007added octane conversions to CAPS submission page, refreshed CAPS pagenew N75F installed, new MAP sensor installed
04.24.2007-new oil level/temp sensor installed, oil change M1 5w-40 DTSUV + large Mann filter, new oil pressure switch installed, new oem airfilter installed
04.22.2007-N75J valve replaced with original N75C valve, all pressurized clamps replaced with Breeze clamps
04.14.2007-secondary air pump removed
04.08.2007-100,000 miles
03.24.2007-urethane filled new stock driver's side transmission mount installed
03.24.2007-N75J valve installed
fuel trims:-0.8%,-5.5%
99,397 miles
03.03.2007-urethane filled RS4 pass. side transmission mount installed
01.28.2007-cam chain tensioner and gasket replaced, valve cover gasker replaced, coolant tank replaced, ATC valve cover added, AWM PCV system upgrade
93,150 miles
07.15.2006-oil change with GC 0w-30 + large Mann filter, new plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.028" gap, flushed/cleaned inside of stock smic
90,580 miles
06.23.2006tiptronic functionality added to CAPS database-
06.06.2006-powerwashed exterior of SMIC
05.13.2006-oil change with M1 0w-40 + large Mann filter, new OEM airfilter
Dyno'd @ 220WHP, 230ft-lb
05.06.2006-180HP Audi TT injectors installed, OEM 3bar FPR installed
fuel trims:-1.3%,-3.9%
97,438 miles
01.21.2007-oil change with M1 0w-40 + large Mann filter, new plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.028" gap
fuel trims:-0.4%,-6.3%
97,316 miles
01.05.2007-valeo aero wipers installed
fuel trims:-0.6%,-7.0%
96,897 miles
12.23.2006-snow tires swapped on, stage4 intake mod done
11.25.2006CAPS Submission status page fixed, v2-
10.07.2006-Dyno'd @ 195WHP, 186ft-lb
10.05.2006-oil change with M1 0w-40 + large Mann filter
93,500 miles
09.17.2006-summer tires rebalanced, new fuel filter installed
87,642 miles
04.30.2006-summer tires installed, new descreened maf installed, fixed broken exhaust hanger, painted rusting front axles
03.31.2006-fuel trims:+0.6%,-7.0%
86,xxx miles
03.26.2006-TT225 pancake valve installed
86,720 miles
03.22.2006CAPS faq in development-
03.19.2006-oil change with M1 0w-40 + large Mann filter, new plugs:NGK BKR6E @ 0.028" gap, all pcv check valves replaced, suction pump replaced, all vac lines replaced, Evoshield installed, oil cooler coolant lines replaced, coolant cross pipe thermal wrapped, ECS magnetic drain plug installed, seafoamed crankcase, activated carbon cabin filter installed, 710N installed, N249 bypassed
86,460 miles
03.03.2006drop down menus added-
02.19.2006B518 CAPS site now automated-
02.14.2006-failed load reduction relay replaced
01.23.2006added CAPS site-
12.18.2005-oil change with M1 0w-40 + large Mann filter, new plugs:NGK BKR7E-11 @ 0.032" gap, Vag-com'd throttle body adaption
fuel trims:+1.9%,-7.0%
8x,xxx miles
12.08.2005added 3D models-
12.05.2005-installed Dunlop Wintersport M2 snow tires
11.20.2005-replaced PCV valve, installed new air filter, removed snow screen, cleaned injectors, throttle body and intake temp. sensor
fuel trims:+0.9%,-6.4%
82,600 miles
11.05.2005-installed APR compressor inlet hose, completed alternate fog mod.
10.26.2005added image window in all articles-
10.25.2005Updated all part reference links to
10.20.2005-oil change, M1 5w-40 + large Mann filter
81,500 miles
09.26.2005-fuel trims:+0.4%,-6.3%
80,549 miles
09.25.2005Refreshed Site-
09.05.2005-A8/TT front brake upgrade installed
A6/B6A4 rear brake upgrade installed
Axiss Ultimate pads installed
front guide bushings replaced
front slider pins replaced
08.27.2005-installed AWE A-Pillar Boost Gauge
07.23.2005-oil change with M1 5w-40 + large Mann filter
78,317 miles
06.25.2005Added Headlight Aiming article-
06.11.2005-front O2 sensor replaced, fuel trims:+0.2%,-7.0%
76,263 miles
05.14.2005Refreshed Site-
05.07.2005-oil change with 5w-40 M1 + large Mann filter, S4 oil cooler installed, seafoamed engine, motor flushed engine, Techron added, plugs changed BKR7E-11
04.07.2005-replaced broken dipstick and missing coolant tank screw
04.05.2005-fixed squealing noise at WOT, was pinched N75 line
03.22.2005-OEM Panisonic 6 CD changer installed
02.21.2005-Clutch break-in complete after 1,000 miles
01.25.2005-AWE Stage 2 Clutch installed, break-in begins
72,350 miles
01.04.2005Added N75J 3D model, fixed links-
12.19.2004-Heavy Duty Belly Pan installed
re-aimed headlights
12.12.2004Added many more articles, refreshed site-
11.28.2004-Dunlop Wintersport M2s nstalled
brakes and clutch bled
front control arms greased
11.20.2004- Die-Hard International 33348 Battery installed
10.30.2004-GIAC K05 ECU installed
5 bar FPR installed
09.26.2004-Combi Valve replaced
09.13.2004-AWE-Tuning K04 turbo kit installed
S4 engine mounts installed
new ECT sensor installed
Extrude-Honed exhaust manifold installed
coil packs replaced
valve cover gasket replaced
coolant replaced
oil + filter change
70,000 miles
08.18.2004Initial Content Added-
08.04.2004Site created, updates to follow...-